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We give a voice to the commercial real estate industry by recognizing Building Owners & Property Managers for their high quality operation, while exposing their leadership message. We challenge, improve, inform, and support our readers through strong editorial content that inspires high quality operation, ownership, leadership and management of commercial property.
Trendy Issues
Showcases commercial property & provides informational content that moves the industry forward on the latest industry trends, new technology, best practices, and design. We expose leadership messages that helps professionals stay on the cutting edge!
TOBY, Tips, and Tricks
Congratulates the Local/Regional TOBY Award winning buildings by highlighting their owner, management team, and service providers. O er a range of strategies, advice, and tips on how to achieve overall building success.
Medical O ce Building
O ers information on key healthcare real estate trends, such as sustainability, outpatient care, construction & design, government regulations, and more.
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• Technology Column • Green Corner
• Engineer's Corner
• Energy Column
• Education Column
• Member Pro le Spotlight
• CEO Spotlight
• TOBY Spotlight
• BOMA/Suburban Chicago Expo Spotlight • Industry Spotlight
• Advertorials
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