The Voice of Millennials

Thursday, August 31st, 2017
3200 Squibb Ave, Rolling Meadows, IL 60008

Are you a millennial in the workplace looking to connect & network with other your peers? You want to be around those just like you who have a drive & passion for success and living out their dreams! Well, look no further!

Whether you are working in the commercial real estate field or not, we have designed this power packed conference just for YOU!


Follow Your Success!

Not all millennials hate their job! You are that millennial who loves your career choice, your workplace, and you are just ready to climb up the ladder and succeed! Come network with like minded peers & receive the tools you need to grow as the dynamic leader in your workplace. At this conference you will hear how other millennials are trailblazing within their career field. We can’t wait to empower you as you follow your success and become the best individual you can be! 

Follow Your Legacy!

Working with family can be a headache, heavy burden, or it just may feel like heaven on earth! You may be that millennial dealing with all three, but wouldn’t change your work life & family for the world! What better way to leave a legacy than to follow in the footsteps of your parents or grandparents? This conference will connect you with other peers working in the family business and empower you on your journey as you stay committed to your family, legacy and business!

Follow Your Dreams!

Millennials are labeled as indecisive and always in transition! However, is that really a bad thing? If you are discovering your passion, struggling to make a decision to go after your dreams, or debating if the job you have is right for you then you definitely need to join us! Following your dreams takes a lot of risks, but you are nothing short of being able to succeed in your career path & making sound life choices you feel passionate about! We can’t wait to launch you into your dreams as you create YOUR destiny!

Speaker's Bio

Sarah joined the Commercial Real Estate industry in 2012. Prior to taking on her Operations role in 2015, Sarah worked with NAI Hiffman’s Asset Management Services group as an Assistant Property Manager working on behalf of investor clients on industrial, office and retail assets in Chicago’s Downtown and Suburban markets. In her current role, Sarah is responsible for company/management operational initiatives such as transitioning assets, internal audits, due diligence, technology platform directives, and employee training. She is a Licensed Real Estate Broker in the State of Illinois.

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Nate started learning the family business when he was young working on the sealcoating crews on summer breaks from high school. Following college, his father wisely encouraged him to find his own path which led him to a 6 year career within the recruiting industry and a stint of property management. All roads led back to A&A Paving, and Nate began helping the family asphalt maintenance and repair company.

Nate was brought in as the youngest member of the team, and other than one other individual in the office, his closest colleague in age was 20 years his senior!  Nate is honored to serve alongside an incredible group of people who have built a first in class company. In 2017, they were chosen from a field of 20,000 possible contractors and nationally recognized as The #1 Contractor of the year by Pavement Maintenance and Reconstruction Magazine.

Nate believes that regardless of age or station in life, we must work together to make our environments better–our families, our workplace, and our communities. Nate is instilling into his two young daughters that “Success comes when we’re constantly seeking to add value to whomever we come into contact with.”

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Ariel is the Editor-in-Chief of The Commercial Voice Real Estate Magazine. Ariel is responsible for gathering all editorial content, overseeing design, and ensures that each issue carries a theme that continues to move the Commercial Real Estate industry forward.

After graduating from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a degree in Communication. Ariel immediately stepped into entrepreneurship and began building and working in the legacy of The Commercial Voice Real Estate Magazine with her mom. However, she is passionate about helping her peers & teens live a life unapologetically when it comes to following your dreams! She has created her dream life (which never feels like a job) and spends time outside of the magazine planning events just like this one, coaching teens, and mentoring youth within her non profit’s mentoring program!

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